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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Survey Deadline Looms
about 1 month ago – Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 03:56:21 AM

Survey Deadline: 3/31/21

The Sentinel Hunts for Stray Backers

Dear Young Emperors,

As mentioned in our previous update, today is the final day to guarantee your Kickstarter rewards by sending in your Pledge Manager Survey. After today, we can no longer guarantee that all of your Add-ons will still be in stock. If you complete your survey after today and some of your Add-ons are no longer available, then we will only be able to offer you store credit for the remainder of your pledge amount, so please be sure to complete your survey today if you have not done so already.

Adventure Packs Printing Ahead of Schedule

The reason we set our Kickstarter delivery schedule for December 2021 is that LudoFact's overall manufacturing schedule is much slower these days due to COVID restrictions. Because of this, LudoFact told us before the Kickstarter that they would not be able to finish manufacturing Core Worlds: Empires and Core Worlds: Nemesis until October, which should provide us with sufficient time to get everyone's games shipped out by early December.

However, because we are printing a more limited number of the Dungeon Alliance Adventure Packs, we are currently scheduled to finish production of these games by the early summer. We have therefore decided to deliver the Adventure Packs earlier than the other games rather than let them sit in a warehouse and wait for five months. Everyone who ordered the Adventure Packs as a separate Add-on should now receive them by the end of the summer.

The default for backers who ordered the Adventure Packs as part of a Dungeon Alliance Bundle or a Quixotic Games Bundle, however, will be to wait until their other games are delivered since the Adventure Packs can't be played on their own. However, we'll provide these backers with the opportunity to request early delivery of the Adventure Packs if they'd like. 

Promo Card Review, Part III

This update we're sharing the rarest of all the promo cards, the one that has been the most difficult to obtain over the years. Champion of Ra is the most cost effective Prestige Card in the game, but the qualification to draft it can present a difficult challenge.

Until our next Update...

Andrew Parks

Pledge Manager Incoming!
about 2 months ago – Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 12:14:28 PM

Surveys Heading Your Way!

Time to Report In!

Dear Young Emperors,

We are sending out our Pledge Manager Surveys this evening, so please be prepared to fill them out as soon as you receive them. As a reminder, many of the Add-on bundles are nearly sold out, so please fill the surveys out right away to guarantee that you will receive the rewards that you intended. The deadline to fill out the surveys and guarantee your rewards is March 31, 2021, so please don't delay.

Some of you had special requests during the campaign, and I asked you to email me during the Pledge Manager so that I could make a manual adjustment to your pledge. Before you fill out your survey, please send me an email at aparks@quixoticgames.com with a reminder of your request. Please be sure to include the username you used on Kickstarter so that I can quickly find your original pledge.

And of course, if you have any difficulties or troubles while filling out your survey, please email me at aparks@quixoticgames.com and I will personally help you resolve your issues.

Dropped Pledges

11 of our backers had their pledges dropped due to credit card difficulties. If you are one of those backers and would like me to manually recreate your order, I am happy to do so. Please email me right away at aparks@quixoticgames.com and please include your original Kickstarter username and what you ordered.

Promo Card Review, Part II

We are happy to present the next set of Promo Card Reveals! Here are the 10 Pre-Game Draft Cards:

Click for Larger Version

Until our next Update...

Andrew Parks

Thank You, Emperors!
2 months ago – Fri, Mar 05, 2021 at 04:31:14 AM

Thank You for a Successful Campaign!

Moving into an Epic Future

Dear Young Emperors,

Thanks to your support, Quixotic Games has realized its dream of bringing two new games set in the Core Worlds Universe to life:

  •  Core Worlds: Nemesis allows you to play the original Core Worlds card game as a solo game, and now includes all 30 promo cards that have ever been released for Core Worlds over the years.
  •  Core Worlds: Empires uses a unique blend of worker placement, deck-building, and area control to allow you to carve out your own star empire every time you play. The game now includes components for 5 players, as well as two extra Leaders and Core Worlds.

Your feedback and your help in spreading the word helped shape these two products and helped seal the future for new games set in this franchise. Thanks to all of you, we now move towards a brighter destiny for the universe of Core Worlds.

Preparing for the Pledge Manager

Within the next two weeks, we plan to send out surveys allowing you to claim your Kickstarter Rewards and Add-ons. We will be using BackerKit as our Pledge Manager, which will allow you to add new items to your order if you wish. It is very important that you respond to the survey as soon as possible to make sure you allocate all of your Add-ons. Even though Kickstarter allowed you to specify your Add-ons to help you calculate your pledge amount, you will still need to manually assign your Add-ons in BackerKit.

This is particularly important for those of you who ordered Add-ons that sold out during the campaign, such as the Core Worlds Mega Bundle and Quixotic Games Supreme Bundle, due to the fact that these bundles included Core Worlds: Galactic Orders, which is now out of stock.

We'll send out another Update around the same time that we send out your surveys, so please stay tuned during the coming weeks to make sure you can respond to the survey right away and claim your rewards.

Credit Card Processing Errors

We still have 14 backers whose credit cards did not process successfully after the Kickstarter. Please pay attention to emails from Kickstarter so that you can fix this situation as soon as possible. If Kickstarter is unable to process your credit card within the next few days, then we will be unable to send you your rewards. If you need help, please email us right away at aparks@quixoticgames.com and we'll do our best to help you clear up any issues.

Promo Card Review

Towards the end of the Kickstarter Campaign, we announced that we were unlocking all 30 Core Worlds Promo Cards, and your enthusiasm and positive energy were contagious! For those of you who haven't seen the Promo Cards yet, we thought it would be fun to reveal a few of them at the end of the next few updates.

Here are the Alternate Starting Hero Cards:

Click for Larger Version

Until our next Update...

Andrew Parks

Major Announcement: All Promo Cards Unlocked!
2 months ago – Thu, Feb 25, 2021 at 02:38:04 AM

Editor's Note: We tend to get into character during our newsletters for Core Worlds. If you'd like to skip straight to the details, please feel free to scroll past the italicized text. :-)

Wisdom of the Empress

The Empress' Wrath

No matter how many allies they gathered, no matter how hard they fought, the fleets of the young emperors could not pierce the defenses of the Eidolon League, which drew upon powerful technology to keep the Promo Modules locked deep within the vault of their sanctuary.

One by one, the emperors gave in to despair, except for one, who was burning inside as she sought a solution to their quandary. For many hours, Empress Elona had tried to use her cosmic powers to shatter the defenses of the Eidolon League, but to no avail. "Our followers must be rewarded for their loyalty," she told herself. "But how?"

Then she smiled, and her wrath gave way to sudden calm. The solution had been there the whole time, just waiting for the right moment of epiphany. 

"We cannot wrest the Promo Modules from the Eidolons," she declared. "But there is a way for us to have them nonetheless." With that, she closed her fists and looked deep into the celestial spaces that separate all living things. Drawing upon the hopes and desires of her followers, she visualized the Promo Modules as clearly in her mind as if they were right there in front of her. 

And then they were.

The other emperors stood in stunned silence at the sight of the Promos that they had desired for so long. Empress Elona had used her powers to create living copies of the Promo Modules, drawn from the imaginations of those who trusted in her. She had used her wisdom to find a way for both the Eidolon League and the young emperors to share in these glorious artifacts!

Dear Emperors,

To thank all of you for your loyal support, we have decided to unlock all 30 promo cards and automatically add them to Core Worlds: Nemesis. Here are the details:

  • If your pledge includes one or more copies of Core Worlds: Nemesis, then you don't have to do anything. The promo cards will be included in every printed copy of the game.
  • Those who pledged for the Empires Reward, which does not include Core Worlds: Nemesis, can add $5 to their pledge now to receive a separate promo pack in the Pledge Manager. The $5 helps us pay the printer to separate the promo cards from the main Nemesis printing sheet, shrink wrap the packs, and add barcodes to them. This promo pack is limited to one per backer, and is only available to those who pledged for the Empires package.
  • Those who pledged $20 or more to the CORE WORLDS DIGITAL Campaign in 2014 may immediately switch their pledge to the new Monarch Reward, which includes both Empires and Nemesis for $70 (a $10 discount).
  • Those who pledged $50 or more to the CORE WORLDS DIGITAL Campaign in 2014 may immediately switch their pledge to the new Divine Emperor Package, which includes both Empires and Nemesis for $55 (a $25 discount).
  • If you are not sure how much you pledged to CORE WORLDS DIGITAL, please send us a message and we will confirm for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or send us a message. We'll also be updating the FAQ with much of this information as well.

Thanks again for your support! Like the Empress, I've spent the day burning inside as I sought a solution to our quandary. I hope you like what I've come up with. :-)

Andrew Parks

Galactic Victory + Stretch Goal Updates
3 months ago – Wed, Feb 17, 2021 at 11:39:41 PM

Editor's Note: We tend to get into character during our newsletters for Core Worlds. If you'd like to skip straight to the details, please feel free to scroll past the italicized text. :-)

Galactic Victory

A Noble Prince

Prince Aaron surveyed the wreckage of the enemy fleet from the bridge of his Goliath Warship. Admiral Thaddeus of the Galactic Realm had just offered Aaron his unconditional surrender, and the prince had graciously accepted, much as his father would have done.

Aaron would allow others to deal with the last gasping defiance of the Supreme Monarch on Ra, the Throneworld of the Galaxy. For now, the noble prince awaited tidings from the world that Admiral Thaddeus had failed to defend: Quetzalcoatl, the mechanized planet ruled by the Supreme Brain. Aaron would grant the powerful cyborg continued autonomy over her world in exchange for the information which the prince and so many others sought. 

The Supreme Brain Speaks

At that moment, to the surprise of Prince Aaron, the Supreme Brain appeared unannounced on the main viewscreen. "Do not suppose that you are in command of the situation, Prince Aaron," declared the uncanny creature in a voice that was both elegant and authoritative. "It is I who rule here."

"Don't tempt my charity," answered Aaron, unfazed. "I have no desire to obliterate your planet, but you must tell me what I wish to know or my Goliath fleet will decimate your world along with its collection of mechanical wonders."

To this the Supreme Brain smiled wryly. "You will do no such thing." The lights on Aaron's bridge suddenly darkened, and the crew cried out in panic as they discovered that they were no longer in control of their vessel.

"It is I whose mercy should not be tempted, noble prince," continued the ancient creature with her deceptively youthful voice. "I care not who rules the galaxy so long as my world remains unsullied. But if you threaten my beloved creations again, I will turn your fleet against itself in a trice."

Aaron Loses Control of his Warship

Aaron felt a trickle of sweat roll down the back of his neck. "Do that and my galactic allies will consider you a grave threat," he cautioned. "You will never again know peace."

"It is a war that I would win," said the Supreme Brain with confidence. "But the cost to my world would be great. And so by my own choice I offer you the advice you seek. You have seen how effectively the Eidolon League defends the Promo Modules that every emperor craves. A direct assault against their sanctuary on Raven will never succeed."

"Then how are to we obtain them, supreme one?" asked the prince with newfound courtesy.

"They will never surrender the Promos willingly. You must overcome them with an ancient power, a hidden talent possessed by another emperor. But even she cannot succeed alone."

"She? You mean the Empress Elona?" asked Aaron.

"That is all I will say. Now begone, lest I make good on my threats!" commanded the Supreme Brain.

In an instant, the main viewscreen went black and control was restored to the bridge. Without taking another breath, Prince Aaron ordered his fleet's complete withdrawal from Quetzalcoatl, swearing a quiet oath to himself that he would never again return to this mad world.

Dear Young Emperors,

Our project has funded! Thanks to all of you, our dream of bringing both Core Worlds: Empires and Core Worlds: Nemesis to life will become a reality!

To show our gratitude, I have discussed with our printer ways to print the items in our Stretch Goals more efficiently. Because of this (and with some help from the Supreme Brain), we have lowered our first Stretch Goal to $75K for the 5-player components for Core Worlds: Empires, and our second Stretch Goal to $90K for the release of the 30 promo cards in Core Worlds: Nemesis.

Some of you have asked if there would be a way to obtain the promo cards without purchasing Core Worlds: Nemesis. We have spoken to our printer, LudoFact, about this. If we reach the last Stretch Goal, LudoFact can separate out some of the promo cards from the Nemesis print run in order to create a limited number of promo card sets to be sold as Add-ons to those who aren't getting Nemesis

Making our way to the second Stretch Goal, of course, is going to require a strong push during the final week of our campaign, and for that, let's check in on the Empress Elona for some new insights.

A Hidden Power

The Empress' Secret

Word spread like wildfire throughout the galaxy regarding the Supreme Brain's revelation of the hidden power of Empress Elona. She had long dreaded the day her secret would be revealed, for although she had the power to tap into the cosmos in a way that most in the Mystic Brotherhood could only dream, she had always drawn on the strength of her people to make her powers work.

When Prince Aaron and the other emperors implored her to work her will against the Eidolon League to force them to surrender the Promo Modules, she told them that the power required was beyond her resources. She would require the support of many more followers than she currently commanded.

"But we are not without hope," she concluded. "We must spread the word thoughout the galaxy that our cause is just, and that the Promo Modules must be ours! I cannot do this alone. Go forth and muster as many supporters as you can. Then, and only then, will I have the strength to wrest control of the Promos from their cruel masters."

And so the young emperors set out to muster the support of as many new followers as they could, promising all whom they met that they too could obtain a share in the spoils to come!

And so we have the edict of Empress Elona to show us the way to our ambitious Stretch Goals. According to her, we must go far and wide and muster as much support as we can from our fellow gamers and other galactic allies. Please spread the word by sharing the link to our campaign with friends on social media and by spreading the word through whatever means you have necessary. 

With your help, the Empress will lead us to victory and the promos will be ours!

Until our next update...

Andrew Parks